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Shop Smart: How to Buy Scented Candles That Transform Your Space

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Scented candles have become a staple in homes around the world, transforming spaces with their warm glow and inviting fragrances. Whether you're looking to create a relaxing ambiance in your living room, a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom, or a fresh and clean scent in your bathroom, the right scented candle can make all the difference. But with so many options available, how do you choose the best scented candles for your space? In this guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know to buy fragrance candles that will elevate your home.



Scented candles are more than just a source of light; they are a sensory experience. Made from wax infused with essential oils or synthetic fragrances, these candles release pleasing aromas as they burn. The combination of scent and soft lighting can significantly impact the mood and atmosphere of a room.

Types of Wax

When choosing scented candles, it's essential to consider the type of wax. The most common types include:

  • Paraffin Wax: This is the most widely used wax in candle making. It's affordable and holds fragrance well, but it's derived from petroleum, which can produce soot when burned.
  • Soy Wax: Made from soybean oil, soy wax is a popular choice for its clean burn and renewable nature. It typically burns slower than paraffin, making it last longer.
  • Beeswax: Beeswax candles are natural and have a subtle, honey-like scent. They burn cleanly and are often considered the best option for those seeking an eco-friendly candle.
  • Coconut Wax: This is a relatively new addition to the market. Coconut wax is sustainable, burns cleanly, and holds fragrance well.

Fragrance Strength and Quality

The quality and strength of the fragrance are crucial when selecting scented candles. High-quality candles use premium essential oils or fragrance oils that provide a robust and long-lasting scent. Cheaper candles may use synthetic fragrances that can be overwhelming or fade quickly. Always check the ingredients and opt for candles made with high-quality oils.


Finding the best scented candles involves considering your personal preferences, the space you intend to use them in, and the purpose they will serve.

Consider Your Preferences

Your personal taste in scents will heavily influence your choice. Here are some popular categories to consider:

  • Floral: Scents like rose, lavender, and jasmine are perfect for creating a calming and romantic ambiance.
  • Citrus: Lemon, orange, and grapefruit scents are invigorating and ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Woody: Sandalwood, cedar, and pine provide a warm and earthy feel, great for living rooms and bedrooms.
  • Spicy: Cinnamon, clove, and ginger scents are perfect for fall and winter, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Match the Candle to the Room

Different scents can evoke different moods, so it's essential to match the candle to the room's purpose.

  • Living Room: This is where you entertain guests and relax, so opt for welcoming and relaxing scents like vanilla, sandalwood, or lavender.
  • Bedroom: For a restful night's sleep, choose calming scents like chamomile, lavender, or jasmine.
  • Bathroom: Fresh and clean scents like eucalyptus, mint, or citrus work well in bathrooms.
  • Kitchen: Neutralize cooking odors with fresh and crisp scents like lemon, basil, or thyme.

Seasonal Scents

Consider changing your scented candles with the seasons to keep your home feeling fresh and in tune with the time of year.

  • Spring: Floral and green scents like lilac, rose, and fresh grass.
  • Summer: Light and fruity scents like coconut, mango, and citrus.
  • Fall: Warm and spicy scents like pumpkin spice, cinnamon, and apple.
  • Winter: Cozy and festive scents like pine, peppermint, and vanilla.



With so many places to buy fragrance candles, it's essential to choose a reputable source. Here are some options to consider:

Specialty Stores

Specialty stores that focus on home fragrances or wellness products often carry a wide selection of high-quality scented candles. These stores typically offer knowledgeable staff who can help you choose the best scented candles for your needs.

Online Retailers

Shopping online provides access to a vast array of brands and scents. Look for reputable retailers with positive reviews. Websites like Amazon, Vaucluse Fragrance, and specialty candle shops offer a wide selection.

Local Artisans

Supporting local artisans not only helps small businesses but also provides you with unique and often handmade candles. Visit local markets or craft fairs to discover one-of-a-kind scents.

Big Box Stores

Stores like Target, Kmart, and Bed Bath & Beyond offer a range of scented candles at various price points. While the selection might not be as curated as specialty stores, you can still find quality options.



To ensure you get the best value and quality, keep these tips in mind when shopping for scented candles:

Read Reviews

Customer reviews can provide valuable insight into the quality and performance of a candle. Look for reviews that mention the strength and longevity of the scent, as well as the candle's burn time.

Check the Ingredients

High-quality candles will list their ingredients, including the type of wax and fragrance oils used. Avoid candles with a long list of synthetic chemicals.

Consider the Wick

The type of wick can impact how the candle burns. Cotton wicks are common and burn cleanly, while wood wicks create a crackling sound reminiscent of a fireplace.

Burn Time

Consider how long you want the candle to last. Larger candles typically have a longer burn time, but they may also be more expensive. Smaller candles are great for testing new scents without a significant commitment.


Scented candles are a wonderful way to enhance your living space, providing both aesthetic appeal and a delightful fragrance. By understanding the different types of wax, selecting high-quality ingredients, and choosing scents that match your preferences and the ambiance of your rooms, you can buy fragrance candles that truly transform your home. Remember to read reviews, check ingredients, and care for your candles properly to get the most out of your investment. Happy candle shopping!

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