VALCLUSE is an eco friendly brand committed to saving the planet, using earth friendly materials and sustainable production processes. 


Our candle products are hand poured and made from eco-friendly soy wax. It's  blended with natural fragrances and comes with a lead-free cotton wick. In full respect of the environment, our selected perfumes use E-PURE JUNGLE ESSENCE™, a green alternative to classic scent extraction methods. 


Through partnering with EcoCart we make our contribution to save the planet by committing a certain amount of funds collected from each sales we make on our online store. Some of the projects we financially support include Amazon Rain Forest Protection, Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corrido and Heating and Cooking in China


Amazon Rain Forest Protection


90% of Brazil’s Acre state is forested, but current rates of destruction could mean a decline to 65% by 2030. Tropical forests are the most biodiverse habitats on Earth, home to 70% of the Earth's species of plants and animals. This project work with communities and local groups to help protect ecosystem services while providing alternative models of economic development which avoid the destruction of the forest. The beneficial impacts of this project include:


360,000 tons of carbon reduced each year

105,000 hectares of land are protected

    This project has verification from Verra. Founded in 2005, Verra is a global leader helping tackle the world’s most intractable environmental and social challenges by developing and managing standards that help the private sector, countries, and civil society achieve ambitious sustainable development and climate action goals. 


    Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor


    This project works to link small patches of remnant vegetation and nature reserves in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor in Southwest Australia. Through planting species indigenous to the region the revegetation project encourages the reintroduction of endangered species and combats desertification in this

    biodiverse hotspot. The beneficial impacts of this project include:


    30 million mixed native species of trees and shrubs planted

    1.059 million tons of carbon sequester over 50

    This project has verification
     Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). CDM is a United Nations-run carbon offset scheme that allows countries to fund greenhouse gas emissions-reducing projects in other countries.


    Heating and Cooking in China


    This project helps people from the Shanxi, Hubei, and Guizhou Provinces of China save money while simultaneously creating jobs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The beneficial impacts of this project include:


    500,000 tons of carbon emissions are reduced each year

    128,000 stoves have been sold in the three provinces


    This project has verification from Gold Standards. Gold Standard was established in 2003 to ensure projects that reduced carbon emissions featured the highest levels of environmental integrity and also contributed to sustainable development.